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Back in 2008 a few friends had access to Spotify in beta-mode. Although thrilled about this new music streaming sensation we quickly realized that sharing tunes and playlists over Msn, Skype and Facebook was not ideal. Another problem was how to find new music in this massive back catalogue of millions of songs and thousands of bands? Well, let's create a platform where we can save our playlists and share between each other we thought. A few months later was born - the first ever site for sharing Spotify playlists and in early 2011 we changed the name to is a platform created by music fans for music fans, we are not connected to any record label or streaming service, it exists because people like to share music they love and find new music to love. would not have existed if it weren't for the help from these awesome people:

Johan Kjellson - Awesome designer



Thousands are already playing air guitar to these:

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